Class Guidelines


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The process for setting up a distributor 1 day (eight hour) basic Satin Ice hands-on class follows:

Distributor must come up with date (or Dates) to schedule the event. Distributor must come up with a venue location to hold the classes (hotel conference room).

Distributor to promote class thru sales reps to their customers and supply list of attendees to Satin Fine Foods (SFF).

SFF will then forward this list to the instructor.

Instructor calls all attendees, gives brief introduction to class and collects $150 payment via credit card.
Instructor confirms list of all paid participants to SFF and distributor.
Instructor to confirm arrival, departure, set up, arrangements with distributor

Minimum 20 students per 1 day class (maximum 26).
The $150 participant fee goes to the instructor and covers their instruction fee and expenses.
The instructor will demonstrate a technique and the students will practice same technique hands-on.
The instructor will work to make sure all students go home knowing all the techniques taught.
Students will work two students per 6 foot folding table.
The distributor will provide two 8” round cake dummies or real cake on boards (with boxes) per person.
1lb Corn starch, 1lb shortening (Crisco), 1 cup of water will be required at each work table.
The distributor will provide lunch (water, soft drinks, tea, coffee, sandwiches)
SFF will provide all rolled fondant and gum paste for class.

Each student will be required to purchase a basic tool kit from the distributor for use during class.
Some distributors prefer to purchase the tool kit and supply it free to the students.
The student will leave knowing new techniques and will take home tool kit, extra Satin Ice fondant, brochures, and two decorated cakes.

For more information, please call: Satin Fine Foods, Inc.
(845) 469.1034